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The HG Advantage Card – Seamless, Simple, and User-Friendly

The HG Advantage Card, a consolidated FSA/HRA/HSA/CRA debit card provides participants with convenient, cost-effective healthcare payment solutions and allows them to do the following:

  • Include multiple Spending Accounts on one card
  • Pay for both pre-tax and after-tax mass transit expenses at the same time
  • Pay for HRA and FSA expenses on the same card
  • Include Health Savings Accounts on one card

By using The HG Advantage Card, your employees can easily pay for eligible expenses, giving them more freedom while simplifying their life!

“We Use Their Debit Card and Love It!”

“The Harrison Group has been handling all of Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones, LLP Flexible Spending Accounts including the 125 Cafeteria and 132 Transportation Plans for more than five years.”