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Strategic Partnerships

We have developed strategic partnerships with ancillary vendors to broaden our scope of services and offer additional efficiencies to our clients. When we partner with these trusted companies, we are able to utilize the latest in technology to reduce the work on our clients while enhancing every participants experience.

Wex Health works together with us to deliver innovative solutions that help simplify the financial side of healthcare for all our employers and participants. The Wex Cloud makes it easier to administer healthcare accounts, as well as, enables participants to actively manage their own healthcare-related accounts and expenses.

Employee Navigator supports our benefits administration by providing payroll file integration to our employers. We receive data securely to our environment and manage all changes to simplify enrollment and payroll management for our employers. This automated data movement offers so many advantages to our employers by reducing the time they take to make changes.

We have partnered with Admin America to provide COBRA Administration Services to our clients. Admin America’s team of COBRA experts ensures our clients understand and comply with all of COBRA’s requirements and avoid any potential penalties.