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Offerings and Capabilities

New Offerings and Capabilities

COBRA Administration Services

The Harrison Group, Inc. has recently aligned with Admin America for COBRA administration services.

For 25 years, the cornerstone of Admin America business practice has been expertise, integrity and superior service. The Admin America COBRA capabilities are the most reliable and comprehensive anywhere; however, the most valuable offering is the personal service their people provide to each and every customer.

Customers rely on the Admin America team of experts to ensure they understand and comply with all of COBRA’s requirements and avoid the law’s potential penalties.

Admin America offers in-depth consultative services to the plan sponsor or agent at initial implementation as well as the annual renewal. This ensures that the proper strategy is utilized for communications of coverage, rates and administrative charges with existing COBRA participants and Qualified Beneficiaries within the election period.

Electronic Data Interchange

We are proud to support benefit administration and payroll file integration. We receive data securely to our environment and manage all changes to simplify enrollment and payroll management for companies. We’ve designed our integration services to ease the burden of data management for our brokers and clients. Getting up and running is almost instantaneous after the file delivery is authorized to our offices!

We will manage and monitor all file transmissions and process changes. Let our knowledgeable staff work with your team to streamline your data processes!

Experience the advantage of automated data movement from your benefit administration, HRIS or payroll system to our HRA, FSA and HSA software environment.

  • No dual entry of employee details
  • Make one system your data “source of truth”
  • Introduce scale and standardization to change processing
  • Reduced maintenance and management of data for broker teams and HR or Payroll departments

Automatically process changes include:

  • Employee Demographics
  • Terminations
  • New Hires
  • Mid Year QLE events

We can support Employee Navigator as well as several other formats.
If we do not currently support your format, please let us know and we will build it for you within 15 days.